What is Sparkpad?

Sparkpad is an open, fully customizable "smart screen" platform. Using open source software and pre-configured hardware options, the Sparkpad platform allows companies both big and small to quickly and affordably develop custom user interfaces on digital displays to be used in their own end products and services. Sparkpad specializes in wi-fi enabled touch-screens and non-touch displays. We also sell a portable tablet device and a "box" that can be connected to almost any monitor. Full details on our devices can be found on our hardware page.

How do I customize Sparkpad?

Sparkpad provides a free software development kit (SDK) that includes development tools and documentation for building your own application(s) on our hardware. (You can download the SDK from the My Account page as soon as you create an account and sign in.) Your application(s) can be created using your own development engineers and designers, or you can hire us to design and develop your application(s) for you. (Contact our sales department to get a quote for a custom development project.)

Can anyone purchase Sparkpad devices?

Yes! But please note: While anyone may purchase a device, Sparkpad is not packaged, sold or supported as a "consumer" product. This means all devices arrive in plain, non-branded boxes and do not include traditional paper "user manuals" or telephone technical support for consumers. We will do our best to help you in our forums and by e-mail.

What software is running on your devices?

Sparkpad devices are built using one of two primary open source development platforms: LUA and Android. Some hardware configurations, such as our 10" touch display, will be available with either software platform, while others will only be available with one, such as our 8" tablet (Android) and our 15" large display (LUA). Our LUA-based devices are powered by a modified version of the Linux operating system and, on some models, a version of the Nano-X Window System (aka Microwindows) is also used. Support for rendering applications such as Flash and HTML5 is planned for our Android-based devices.

What kinds of content/applications does the platform support?

Sparkpad devices can run robust applications featuring text, images, video, sound and graphic animation. Devices can also, of course, be configured to receive user input (e.g., from the single-point touch screen) and get or send data over a network connection.

Can I install my own Linux distribution?

Not easily. Please contact us to discuss.

How do I obtain your source code?

Our source code page has the latest information and downloads available.

What are the hardware specifications?

Sparkpad devices come in a number of configurations featuring different screen sizes and hardware profiles. See our hardware page for a comparison chart.

How do you handle large volume orders?

All orders over 50 units are considered "volume orders" that are built-to-order and tested in our manufacturing facilities before they are shipped directly to you. After you have developed your application(s) and tested it on one or more sample displays, you can place a volume order online or call our sales department directly to discuss your order. You will find more details on our Ordering and Fulfillment page.

What is your pricing?

Pricing varies by model and number of units ordered. You can view a complete pricing chart on our Ordering and Pricing page.

What is your return policy?

Please see our official Return Policy.

How do I contact someone directly at Sparkpad?

You will find e-mail and phone numbers for our various departments on the Contact Us page.