As the first truly big data and AI integrator for restaurant business, SparkPi is able to create more precise and completed customer profile with the personal preferences identified. The valuable information will fuel the efficient marketing campaigns, and put the power back into the hands of the business owner.


Inventory management, order management, personnel management, cash management as the core of chain food and beverage enterprises, we also made a more suitable for changes in the use of catering enterprises

  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting: inventory management including utilities management. By categorizing the daily supplies and automatically updating the amount of the consumption in each store, it makes the real-time store inventory management becoming to be feasible.
  • Consumption: By categorizing the consumption of the supplies, the owner of the restaurant chain is able to conduct statistics analysis on the inventory and detect the abnormal consumption of the supplies in a timely manner.
  • Order Management
  • Order: Enable the store to acquire supplement by programming the ordering system. The system allows the stores to have supplies ordered automatically by programming the date of deliveries and analyzing the amount of the consumption, where significantly simplifies the store operational process on supply management.
  • Delivery: Centralizing management of the store deliveries and provide the search engine to filter out the selected result based on either the ordering or delivering.
  • Human Resource
  • Human Resource: Including employee information administration, contract management, performance review, and on-boarding and off-boarding process.
  • Employee Performance Review: Integrating with HR performance review platform, tracking the attendance records of the employee, combining the employee’s salary and bonus into the consideration of the store operational cost.
  • Financial Management
  • It targets the control for cash inflow and outflow, the accounting of the bank deposits and the pocket money, where covers the management of the coins, banknotes, checks, money orders, and bank deposit. ERP also provides the money management including: receipt management, receipt printing, payment controlling, bank clearing and payment verification, bank and check inquires.

Market Management

SparkPi completely eliminate the cycle of customization in the Marketing Management System, this brings the flexibility and promptly deployment to the marketing of the food service industry, and eventually allow the restaurant owner to be able to focus more on the food, instead of spending valuable resource and time to become an marketing agent.

  • Shipment Fee
  • Free shipment settings
  • Hot Sales
  • The popular on-sale items located in the front page
  • Slide shows
  • Looping the slides on PC, WAP, IOS or Android terminals
  • Promo
  • Support the following marketing campaign schemes, spending certain amount to get bonus award, spending certain amount to get reductions, spending certain amount to get discount percent off, spending on one specific product to get discount percent off
  • Coupons Program
  • Allowing the points collected in the loyalty program to exchange with different products
  • Customer Order Management
  • While combining the orders, Sparki also offers the big data analysis to support the requirement of the business marketing.
  • 1Take order
  • 2Order management
  • 3Order inquires
  • 4Customer Support
  • 5Order in pending
  • 6Order in pending
  • 7Refund
  • 8Map

Carry Out Management

As the pioneer in the market of restaurant carrying out management system, B\besides supporting the integration of the third party carry out platforms, SparkPi also develops the own mobile Apps operating on the multiple social media platforms.

  • 1Wechat: Integrating with the social media channels, providing the convenient interface for end user, offering the harmonious interaction with the customer, and collecting the marketing data based on the customer’s input.
  • 2APP: The official released mobile App offers the top quality of user experience for the longtime customers.
  • 3Website:Beside the mobile App, the website provides the completed order interface and service platform for the customers
  • 4Third Party Platform: Beside the mobile App, the website provides the completed order interface and service platform for the customers
  • 5Customer Support:The customer support delivers the traditional one-to-one human support by offering the consultation service based on the customer request, as well as the direct order service if required.